Build a Giant Cardboard Maze

Fun for Kids, Teens, Adults, and Pets

Modular | Easy to Build | Made in USA | Money Back Guarantee

Ultimate Life-Size Cardboard Mazes

Build whatever maze you can imagine with our Blue Wall Packs. Fun for kids, teens, adults, and even pets.

Great for…

  • Children’s museums
  • Summer camps
  • Church groups
  • Fundraisers

Our modular design allows designing any maze small or large. Assemble by folding together the columns and inserting the panels into the slots on the columns. Stores away when not in use by removing the panels from the columns and leaving the columns intact.

Create walls with four panels stacked vertically (84″ tall) or remove panels to create windows or shorter walls.  Each wall segment is about 4′ wide.

Made in USA

Corrugated cardboard

Tough and Safe

We make our Blue Walls from double-wall corrugated cardboard that’s seriously tough.

Each piece, from panels to columns, is built to be stiff and last through plenty of builds.

Don’t think of this as the kind of cardboard you find in a packing box. This is much stronger and designed for repeated use.

All components manufactured and assembled in USA.

15% Proudly Donated to
Charities Supporting Military and Law Enforcement Families

More Details

What’s Included

Each Blue Wall Pack contains eight gray columns and sixteen blue panels, sufficient to construct four wall segments. Each segment measures approximately 84 inches in height and 48 inches in width.

Assembly Instructions

To assemble, fold the gray column components along the pre-creased lines and insert the blue panels into the designated slots on the gray columns.


For storage, it is preferable to keep the wall segments assembled and place them in a secure area. If necessary, you can disassemble each segment back into individual columns and panels for more compact storage.

What's included in a Blue Wall Pack